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Where to??… "Rhapsody in Blue Electronic Transcription".. "Leonard Wood portrait".. "W. T. Sherman portrait".. "Herbert Hoover portrait".. "Woodrow Wilson letter".. "Catholic School Shoes".. "World War II, U.S. Government Posters".. "Table top Tesla Coil""..

"Rhapsody in Blue"

Early, perhaps the first, live recording of "Rhapsody in Blue" with Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra, with the composer (George Gershwin) at the piano....recorded live over NBC Blue in Electronic Transcription Form of 33 1/3 RPM, long playing record with the very beautiful and high deco RCA sleeve........$1,500.00

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"Leonard Wood (1860-1927)"

"Rough Rider", Physician, Governor General of Cuba, Governor General of the Philippines, Medal of Honor for the capture of Geronimo, candidate for the 1920 Republican Presidential Nomination before he told the RNC to GFT.....Fort Leonard Wood named in his honor, buried at Arlington National Cemetery.....signed, copper plate engraving (circa 1910) a beautiful Victorian frame.........31 X 27.......comes with COA......offered at $995.00

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"William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891)"

General, Union Army--architect of the concept of "Total War"....Victor at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Atlanta and Savannah......led the famous "March to the Sea".........beautiful steel engraving with signature, probably done shortly after his victory at Shiloh in 1862.....very hauting visage of the man who coined the phrase..."War is Hell", can be seen on his face in this amazing image......check drawn on the Riggs Bank of Washington DC in 1882 with signature.....professionally framed using archival grade materials with UV resistant glass......COA.....28 X 24......offered at $2500.00

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"Herbert Hoover (1874-1964)"

31st President of the United States.......very attractive sepia toned portrait circa 1928, signed as President and inscribed to Lt. George R. Treaker......"with warmest regards, Herbert Hoover"......blame for the Great Depression was laid at his feet....defeated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1932......Hoover was the prime mover in raising enormous amounts of food, bedding and medical supplies for German civilians following the Second World War......professionally framed using archival materials, with UV resistant glass..........COA....21" X 18"...offered at $695.00

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"Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)"

28th President of the United States.....typed letter, signed.......signed as President on May 4, 1914.....on White House Stationary with envelope and notation of Mr. Marion Vedery, Jr., noting that this letter was sent to his father. Marion Vedery Sr was a wealthy New York attorney and socialite........COA........offered at $650.00

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"Catholic School Shoes"

Back in the pre digital age...(before Shoe Cams) had to be creative in order to see up girls skirts....."Catholic School Shoes" is a one of a kind creation that, we believe, captures the innocent nature of what it meant to be "lascivious" in 1958. Considered, far and away, more sophisticated than the more obvious dropping of a roll of quarters, it really is a 'relic' of technological innovation and perseverance that was the hallmark of young men who attended Catholic grade school. As I'm sure I don't need to tell you, half of the thrill that was to be had by seeing Mary Margaret's pink panties, was the terrible punishment you had to face if you were caught......hence, we include the ruler, humorously inscribed to "Sr. Peter Paul Newman, M.G.M, (maters gloriae magisterium)....or was it RKO?.....anyway, "Thrills are Where you Find Them" is a "must have" item for anyone who survived Catholic School and would look quite cool in the backseat of your 1958 Impala........offered at $195.00, but will be discounted if you make an offering to the missions!!!

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"World War II, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943"

In wartime, the whole pupose of the 'homefront' is to instill such virulent hatred for the enemy that the citizentry eats, sleeps, and breathes victory. The way it's always been done, is to portray your enemy as sub human, godless, monsters. Both of these posters achieve that end. The first offering, "Carelessness" does this visually, while "This is the Enemy" does it in a more subtle and nuanced manner. Both posters are original, authentic, and period correct from the United States Government....these are the larger size posters that had a great, viseral impact...."This is the Enemy" is featured in Sam Keen's , "Faces of the Enemy", which is the Bible of Propaganda Posters....both are framed and are being offered as a set for $1, may purchase them separately at $750.00 each......

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"Table top Tesla Coil"

375,000 volts resonant at approx 400KHz.........produces spark like fingers of plasma about a foot long.....hand made....base is 1 1/2" Lexan (bulletproof glass) and the smaller, round base is 1/2 stancheons are World War II era, US Navy supports used on battleships....power supply is a vintage Jefferson neon light transformer powering 12 kilovolts at 30 milliamperes.....the power supply is protected with dual sparkgaps....the switch is protected with an EMI filter to prevent higher frequencies from re entering the 60Hz house power system and frying your TV.....spark gap is a rotary variety with tungsten contacts made by Mr. Edward Wingate of Brockport New York, (a vituoso of such devices) and is coupled with a Variac control device to regulate the RPMs of the rotary gap.........the circuit is quite old....developed in 1895 by the genius, Nikola Tesla, it was capable of transmitting power without wires.....Tesla also developed Alternating Current, Electrified Niagara Falls, developed the split phase AC motor while watching snowflakes, and provided the US government with radio controlled torpedoes.....he was working on a particle-beam death ray when he died....his papers are still locked up in the US Government, Office of Alien Properties.....he IS the reason we all have jobs in the present day.....offered at $7, shipping, no warranty, no liability.

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