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Adrien Lowien

Folk Art

About the Artist:

A current resident of the Black Swamp Region of Ohio, Adrien grew up on small goat farm that went out of commission when she was small. She learned to milk goats and work hard from her Granny, Jean M. Lowien, who also stirred her passion for art. Once the goats were gone, they traveled with mulberry stained bare feet across Northwestern Ohio, to arts festivals, where they sold her Granny’s artwork.

Adrien carried on her love for art. She did this with little formal training save that from her Granny and two basic high school art courses. She worked as a tattoo artist for 7 years, before pursuing her education. She then worked at Ben Franklin in Bowling Green, Ohio, a relic of the old 5&10¢ stores, while completing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She is currently a Land Management Worker, preserving our natural resources and wildlife habitats.

Along with her painting, Adrien also enjoys playing the 5-string banjo and bass fiddle, knitting, crocheting, sewing, darning, collecting road-kill, restoring rusty old tools and anything she can do with her hands. She also participates in Cowboy Action Shooting and reloads her own rifle and pistol rounds. If she’s not doing any of these, you can usually find her in the woods.